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Erez Regev - Exhibition 2012Hello, my name is Erez Regev,

So for those of you whom I haven’t yet had the honor of make acquaintance, greetings.
I am a young artist and hopefully up coming in your view. I draw and illustrate in a variety of techniques; most announced are the oil paintings on canvas and the paintings of pixels of light in Photoshop. I am also a graduate animator from the Academy of Arts and Design – Bezalel.

No more than a fleeting glance at my galleries is required to reveal my love of fantasy and science fiction in all their shades and that they are a great inspiration for my work. In addition I am also a big supporter of the subcultures that have bloomed around the genres and some of my works are dedicated to bring the subcultures into the spotlight.


A geek by self- definition, sometimes I’m even a fanboy, especially when the conversation is drifting to the animation and comics of my childhood.
This humble web site with its galleries is meant to be a warm home to my art, a place to display and sell my works while also being a platform from which I can update any interested party on my latest endeavors and projects.
I try to keep an open ear policy and anyone who wishes to contact me may gladly do so, even with no particular reason. I have no Intention of rejecting anybody, except network robots. These are breaking Asimov‏’s law, by being harmful to my psyche.

You are welcome to surf my website and especially my work galley or my latest projects