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29th Nov 2016 | by: taleslord

“Goblins spreading through the night.”
“Sneaking left and sneaking right.”
“Seeking treasure, seeking fight.”
“Goblins slash! and Goblins bite!”
-Trionian children rhyme

I’ve already drawn once before, Goblins for my Dungeons & Dragons cute monsters illustration series, but I was not really satisfied with that drawing. I felt that he had failed in catching their scrappy, grubby, scavenger nature. So I went back to work. Elaborated and expanded the existing drawing. Apart from increasing the number of different Goblins, I added to the work a Goblin-dog, a giant vulture and several rats, all are common supporting cast of Goblins. also an oversize Goblin king for good measure.

I am open to receiving art commissions, so please spread it around and contact me if you are interested.

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