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4th Dec 2016 | by: taleslord

In my ongoing D&D, cute monsters illustration series, came the turn of the Oozes. An hallmark of Dungeons & Dragons fantasy, throughout all the various editions. Many dungeon masters love to use them, me included. They provide unique situations in combat and outside of It. In addition, they are so entertaining with their lack of awareness, lack of intelligence and their dessert-y demeanor.
The Oozes are, from left to right: Green Slime, Gelatinous Cube, Toxic Ooze, Stunjelly, Gray Ooze, Ochre Jelly, Black Pudding (king of the Oozes and English cuisines), Olive Slime (with a Goblin victim), Ochre Jelly, Slithering Tracker and Crystal Ooze. Do not forget this is a limited selection, from nearly a hundred different types of Oozes in D&D.

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