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Angels & Demons Series

Angels & Demons Series
Category: Fantasy, Illustration, Photoshop

Angels & Demons is a series of paintings on which I have worked on and off for over a year. I have invested a lot of effort and thoughts into this work and I can surely say that this was one of my most time-consuming projects.

This series of paintings is influenced by the role playing game – In Nomine made by Steve Jackson Games.

This project show my personal visual interpretation of the various types of angels and demons presented in the game.

Each painting shows two demons or angels of the same kind in two forms: one is the “real celestial form”, and the other is their Earthly form, the form they wear when mingling among humans.

I have decided to present two of each kind in order to show the range of personal variety and similarities within each kind. in addition the series is actually two series of paintings ,since for each painting of a kind of angel there is a corresponding painting of a kind of demon, a fallen version.

Seraphim – Balseraphs

Cherubim – Djinn

Ofanim – Calabim

Elohim – Habbalah

Malakim – Lilim

Kyriotates – Shedim

Mercurians – Impudites

The exceptions, are the Malakim and Lilim, which are not corresponding kinds of angels and demons but a unique group for each side.

In my paintings I also added for each kind of angel and demon a loosely translated Hebrew name that I took from Jewish sources.

It was very important to me, to give for each character a unique expression and personality, and to give the impression that each have their own personal story.

The series is painted in Photoshop in a style inspired by animation.

While working on this series I relied greatly on stok images of models, and I want to thank the people who provided me them. They have galleries of stok images on Deviantart and I highly recommend visiting them. These are Talented and fantastic people and I thank them all.

Angels & Demons was shown in the exhibition “Relaxing with Comics” in “Kavim” Design College,

You are welcome to browse the paintings – comment and share.

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