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Children book – “Tommy’s Small ball”

Children book – “Tommy’s Small ball”
Category: Illustration, Painting, Photoshop
Client: Author - Eleanor Kalifzada

“Tommy’s Small ball” is one of the first children’s books that I illustrated, written by young author Eleanor Kalifzada. The book was published independently as an e-book and is distributed by Amazon. The hero of the book is a bouncing ball that serves as a metaphor of the first times that a child is taken for walks in the big world outside the home.

All 10 pages of the book are illustrated in Photoshop. This was my first opportunity to try my hand at many of the tools and styles that I continue to use in my children’s books illustrations. This was an initial but important step in formulating my method of working on children’s books. Despite my feeling that a large part of my work on this book  is immature, I have no doubt that it had contributed to my further development as an illustrator.

Here are some images from the book, including some sketches of my search for the final characters:

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