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Children’s book illustration – “Going to School”

Children’s book illustration – “Going to School”
Category: Illustration
Client: Nickname Publishing House

I illustrated Dr. Efrat Weizman’s the children’s book, Going into the First Grade, which is part of a series of children’s books published by Nickname Press. As is understood from its name, the book presents the experience of going into the first grade. It shows how a cute cartoon monkey copes with new experiences, including at this critical stage of growing up.

The 20-page book is fully illustrated with colorful illustrations, charming and humorous cartoons created with Photoshop, with a primary focus on an abundance of animals as human figures. The ability to design a wide variety of different animals and integrate them into everyday life was a source of personal interest to me. Although many animals made their way into the final version of the book, I am glad to have the opportunity to present a number of sketches of animals which, for one reason or another, did not become part of the final project.

Here are some examples of the pictures shown in the book:

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