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“The Opposite” – children’s book illustration

Category: Illustration, Photoshop
Date: 2014
Client: Clasikaletet

“The Opposite” is my first job with the well-known publisher, Clasikaletet. The book was written by children’s author Avishai Friedler and orchestrated by polymath Moti Aviram, a man I am glad to have had the honor of working with. The book is intended for children who are just beginning to learn the secrets of language, and presents a rich variety of words and their opposites by following the daily life of a set of identical twins.

The book is illustrated with far more illustrations than the number of pages implies. The richness of illustrations on each and every page is a source of professional pride for me.  All the illustrations in the book were created with Photoshop. The illustrator had to cope with the interesting challenge of representing the various opposites, many of them abstract, with the aid of smiley illustrations suitable for the book’s young audience.  The work presented here is different from the finished product that appears in the book, so you have an opportunity to see unpublished work.

 Here are some example of picture from the book:


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