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Role Playing Games supplement- “The fair in the distant crossroads”


Giborim publishing request me for several illustrations for their new role playing games supplement, The fair in the distant crossroads. it was designed to be easily implemented in all fantasy setting, and was written by collaboration of many talented writers.

The fair in the distant crossroads is a collection of concepts that revolve around the classic idea of wonders fair , and similar fairs from fantasy literature and fairy tales. it contains a variety of characters, game ideas and game hooks to be use by game masters. Some are good old concepts others  new and original, but all of them interesting. while reading the material, I was so Inspired, that in the end I illustrated more than I was asked for. I strongly recommend it.

All illustrations are painted in Photoshop, but meant to look like pen drawings. I love their style and I hope to create more things in it, in the future.

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