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2nd Feb 2014 | by: taleslord

The “6 maidens” is a sub-series of pictures displayed on my exhibition “Suspension of disbelief”, each of the paintings is a monochrome dedicated to a single female character that represents a combination of 2 archetypes. These archetypes are taken from my experience as an active member of the science fiction, fantasy and role-playing community.

The 6 maidens are visitors in one of many fantasy community conventions; they play different active roles and interests in the event.

The maiden in turquoise is a Trekkie, a real Star Trek fan, and she is the organizer of the event.

The maiden in green is a Larper and is in charge of the live action role-playing game.

The pink maiden is an expert in fantasy literature and therefore is in charge of all the books displayed at the convention.

In purple, it is a Goth maiden and she is about to give a lecture.

The Orange maiden is a gamer so she can be found at the games stands.

Last but not least, the blue maiden, she is an Emo and she serves as a gofer, a general assistant in the event.

All 6 paintings are oil paints on canvas.

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