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2nd Jan 2017 | by: taleslord

Welcome to the horde!
With the Goblins gang done, came the turn of my favorite monster race, the Orcs, to truly join my Dungeons & Dragons cute monsters illustration series.
Orcs, a race descendants of Tolkien’s works, were created to be the embodiment of the civilized man fears of the barbarians. they are all of terrible thing, that people of the past thought about the Mongolians, Vikings, Goths, and others. As such, they easily become, for many writers and Dungeon Masters the go to race, for antagonists and cannon fodder. Some gave them great development, others only great numbers. The D&D different editions, tried catering for both, with reasonable success.

The horde include, in addition to regular Orcs, Orog (D&D Uruk-Hai), Ogrillon (Oger Orc hybrid), Half-Orc (Half-Human), the two-head Ettin (closely related to Orcs), Worg (Favored riding beast) and Gorthek (a heavier common riding beast).

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